• Documentary and operational analysis;
  • Issuance of import licensing and follow-up with the organs;
  • Coordination of operations;
  • Advice on tax classification;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Storage and Logistics;
  • Primary and secondary movement;
  • International freight;
  • Outsourced service management;
  • Import feasibility studies;
  • Operational and tax advice;
  • Study and planning of special customs regimes and operations;
  • On-account transactions;
  • On-demand operations;
  • Advice on all other import-related processes;


  • Structuring and coordination of export operations;
  • Contracting and advising on international freight rates;
  • Export feasibility studies;
  • Logistic follow-up of the entire door-to-door process.


Our team is highly prepared to offer you all advice and advice in the areas of foreign trade, logistics, tax and tax.